We have the facilities to provide a length of straight raised track,

enabling miniature railway rides to be given at local fetes,

passengers being pulled by either live steam or electric locomotives.

For further information, please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.

Hopefully we may see you at a future event, please see our Calendar for dates.

We attended the Coulsdon Fete in July 2023 –

“Thank you so much for arranging to come to the Old Coulsdon Village fair on the 1st July, your engines and rides are always a great attraction to young and old, as could be seen from the queues awaiting their turn. Could I please ask you to pass on my thanks to all your colleagues who came to assist and I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as our visitors. We hope you have a good summer attending many events and that you can again attend our fair next year being held on Saturday 6th July 2024.

Best wishes.

Mike Rowan


Old Coulsdon Village Fair Committee 2023

Coulsdon Manor Rotary Club”

Train rides in full swing at the Coulsdon Fete in July 2023.

Our volunteers (plus one taking the photo!) at the Coulsdon Fete in July 2023.

We attended Fetes at Coulsdon, Morden and the Diamond Riding Centre during 2022.

Our volunteers supporting Coulsdon Fete train rides in 2022
Our volunteers supporting Diamond Riding Centre Fete train rides in 2022
Changing Live Steam engines at the Diamond Riding Centre Fete train rides in 2022