Gauge 1

Please see up to date videos of trains running on our gauge 1 track, on our Video Gallery page.

Inside the larger gauge tracks is a table top height Gauge 1 (45mm) layout. This comprises three Gauge 1 running circuits each approximately 240 feet in length with passing loops on all tracks.

The Gauge 1 track at Sutton MEC is in use on all club track days, together with visits from the G1MRA Surrey group and other organisations.

The layout has numerous stock sidings, head shunts for engine storage, firing up bays and a turntable and allows access to all three tracks in either direction from the main sidings, so drivers can start and stop with the minimum of shunting moves and cause the least disturbance to those running on other tracks.

The majority of curves are gauge widened and at least 14 feet in radius, providing smooth running for the trains.

Most Gauge 1 running at Sutton MEC is live steam, with spirit firing the most popular method. However, gas firing and occasionally coal are also used. We have even had a vintage clockwork model manage one lap of the track per winding.

Battery electric models are becoming popular, with steam, diesel and electric outline.

Access to the inside of the track is via an overbridge and is restricted to drivers only.

Spectators normally stand just outside the track to watch and are even provided with a rail to lean on, alongside the main straight.

If you want to see Gauge 1 in action at Sutton MEC, visitors are welcome both as either spectators or drivers.

Please make yourself known on arrival to be advised of what is happening. Please contact our Gauge 1 representative beforehand via our Contact Us page.

Sutton MEC rules require the presentation of a valid boiler certificate for all live steam models. SMEC accepts certificates from the Southern Federation, G1MRA and the 16mm associations.